Modular Rain Water Tank

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Amari Modular Rain Water Tanks:

High quality, best value for money.

Slimline design, strong Z450 galvanised steel construction.

From 560mm wide - great to use where space is limited.

Avaliable in galvanised or painted finishes.

Model Actual Capacity Length Width Height Stand Height
600   600 litres   1000 mm   560 mm   1170 mm   400 mm  
1100   1100 litres   1900 mm   560 mm   1170 mm   400 mm  
2000   2000 litres   2280 mm   790 mm   1170 mm   400 mm  

Amari Modular Rain Water Tank Colours:

Amari charcoal grey modular rain water tank
Charcoal Grey
Amari smooth cream modular rain water tank
Smooth Cream
Amari merino beige modular rain water tank
Merino Beige
Amari mist green modular rain water tank
Mist Green
Amari heritage green modular rain water tank
Heritage Green
Amari heritage red modular rain water tank
Heritage Red

Amari Product Range:

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What Makes Amari Tanks So Good?

Stainless steel fittings on all our tanks

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