Retention and Detention Tanks

Amari also supply a combination of both retention and detention tanks.  This is achieved in our 2000litre tank whereby the 19mm detention outlet is installed approimately half way up the tank instead of at the bottom.  This allows for approximately 1000litres of detention storm water to run out to the Council network but also retains 1000litres for use in the house or garden.

Retention Tank

If you want your tank to be plumbed to your house to service a toilet for example, you would need to convert your tank to a retention tank. At Amari we take the hassle out of this for you and provide this service as a complete package.

Our Amari Retention tank includes a Guyco Rain Aid already installed into the tank with a capped service hole, reducing the installation time by the plumber. The hot dipped galvanized stand has adjustable legs for fast and easy leveling, further reducing installation time and avoids using blocks or packers under the legs which can be unstable and dangerous.

Detention Tanks

Some council’s also require new home owners to install a detention tank. This is a result of larger blocks being subdivided and several houses developed on a site. Due to the increased area of roof catchment, some council storm water systems are unable to cope with the extra volume during large down pours. A detention tank slowly releases the storm water out to the street reducing the extra burden on the storm water infrastructure.

At Amari we supply a pre plumbed detention tank with a 15mm slow release outlet to meet these requirements. They are available in 1000L or a duel Retention/Detention 2000L tank. The bottom half (1000L) of the tank retains the water and the top half is for slow release. The 90mm pipe work is already carried out so the plumber only needs to attach their pipe at one point.

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